Good News   Facetime for Android Calling Features has been mentioned.
Facetime for Pc Download

Can you use facetime in pc?

yes, facetime is actually pre-installed in macbook or mac osx.
facetime can be used in windows as well with few tweaks and tricks.
you can not do video calls in facetime if your front camera is not working. you must need external camera (web cam) if you're using personal computer.
group calling from facetime pc is not yet possible due to lack of development.

facetime for window

 How To Dial Number in Facetime via PC?

It is very easy to dial number in facetime as it has default dialer in osx Mac Operating System.
🖊Step 1: Click on the following icon in your system tray. "icon"
🖊Step 2: You can see the contacts as well as dialer on the right side at the central panel.
🖊Step 3: Select Audio / Video Calls and click on your desire way to call with your friends.

👉Download Facetime On Windows

Facetime is like the “Skype” for iOS and MAC (OSX), right? Well yeah, this is the 21st century and text doesn’t seem to be enough for us anymore.
So yeah, thanks to all of those programming geniuses on this planet, we now got Face to face video calling apps.
but some apps just have limitations, a lot of them, so if you are a Facetime freak and looking for ways to Facetime On Windows 10 or something then you’re at the right website.

Facetime is totally free application provided by Apple inc. There is no charge upon video and audio calls apart from data you're using. which is really good in-terms of communication. Facetime will be available in windows app store within few weeks. There is onofficial announcement held on official forum of

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👉Download Facetime On MAC OSx

Facetime is already installed On MAC Operating system. If Required, There is an option to download it again. check the following link from app store.
You can easily download and install facetime on mac. Official App is so easy to use and we can sync our contacts and logs from our iPhones directly. There is an awesome option to sync Facetime between iOS to OSX.

One of the best part of having facetime in mac os is group chat. we can video chat upto 32 people with facetime mac and iOS app.
There is also one good option regarding add contact via email. yes, we can add facetime contact via email on mac os.
Hurry, Download facetime on your mac laptop and computer from the following link.

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👉Facetime Alternatives

Facetime is the excellent Video calling and Messaging application for your devices.
Here you can able to make video and audio call to all your friends and family with that share all your thoughts without any hassle. The app has many alternatives in the market.
here we have some of the alternatives for Facetime application.

🏆Facebook Messenger: Facebook Messenger ( is the excellent alternative application to Facetime for PC.
The application mostly used for texting, video and audio calls, with that you can able to share some images, text and much more.

🏆Google Duo: Google Duo ( is the excellent video calling application it is developed by Google.
with that, it is the best alternative to Facetime for Windows 10.

🏆Google Hangouts: The Google Hangouts ( is also the excellent alternative app for Facetime PC app.
Where you can able to share all sort of documents, with that you can make video and audio calls without issues.

🏆Skype: Skype ( is the amazing and beautiful replacement application to Facetime for PC Download.
Here you can able to do Video and Audio call to all your devices from anywhere and at any time without any hassle.