Fix Uber PayPal Payment Method Not Working: Solved in 3 Steps

Have you ever wondered why your Uber PayPal payment method might not be working as expected? There could be a simple solution to this common issue that many users face.

By following three straightforward steps, you might be able to resolve this problem and enjoy seamless transactions on the Uber platform.

Stay tuned to discover the key to unleashing a smooth payment experience with PayPal on Uber.

Verify PayPal Account Details

verify paypal account information

To guarantee seamless linking between your Uber and PayPal accounts, verify your PayPal account details prior to making any payments. It’s important to have a verified PayPal account with an active credit card to ensure successful linking with Uber. Failure to verify your PayPal account or using an expired or removed credit card can lead to linking problems, hindering your ability to use PayPal as a payment method on Uber.

Additionally, it’s essential to make sure that the primary country in your PayPal account matches the country in your Uber account. This step is important in preventing any payment method issues and ensuring a smooth linking process between the two accounts. By adding, verifying, and activating a credit card on PayPal that’s linked to your Uber account’s country, you can resolve any potential issues that may arise during the linking process. Take the time to review and update your PayPal account details to enjoy a hassle-free payment experience on Uber.

Update Uber Payment Settings

Updating your Uber payment settings can be done conveniently through the Uber mobile app. Follow these steps to help you manage your payment methods effectively:

Open the Uber AppLaunch the Uber mobile app on your device.
Go to the ‘Payment’ SectionLocate and select the ‘Payment’ section within the app.
Choose Payment MethodSelect the payment method you want to update, such as PayPal.
Edit Payment DetailsClick on the edit icon next to the PayPal payment method to make changes.

Contact Uber Support for Assistance

contact uber for help

If experiencing issues with your PayPal payment method on Uber, reach out to Uber support for prompt assistance. Uber support can help you resolve any PayPal payment problems efficiently. Here’s how to get in touch with customer support:

  • Access Uber support through the app or website for assistance with payment issues.
  • Utilize the help section in the Uber app to find support options for troubleshooting your PayPal payment problems.
  • Contact Uber customer support directly for real-time assistance with any issues related to your Uber account and PayPal payments.
  • Submit a support request detailing the specific problem you’re facing with your PayPal payment method. This will help Uber’s dedicated support team address the issue promptly and provide a solution tailored to your needs. Engage with the support team to make sure a quick resolution to your payment concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Isn't Uber Accepting My Paypal?

Uber isn’t accepting your PayPal likely due to country mismatch or card issues. Verify your PayPal has a confirmed card and an active, matching country. Relink after confirming card validity for a successful connection.

Why Won T My Payment Method Work on Uber?

Verify your PayPal country matches Uber’s. Use a verified PayPal with an active card. Confirm your PayPal card. Verify and update credit card info. Re-link after adding card. Easy steps to fix Uber payment issues.

Why Wont My Paypal Payment Go Through?

Verify your PayPal account has a verified credit card matching your Uber country. Activate and confirm an active credit card on PayPal for smooth payments. If PayPal payment fails on Uber, verify and relink your card.

Why Is Paypal Refusing My Payment?

If PayPal is refusing your payment, it may be due to various reasons like unverified accounts, insufficient funds, security issues, outdated card info, or mismatched billing details. Check these factors to address the problem.


To sum up, by confirming your PayPal account details, adjusting your Uber payment settings, and reaching out to Uber support if necessary, you can easily resolve the issue of Uber PayPal payment method not working.

Following these three simple steps will guarantee a smooth experience when using PayPal as your payment method on Uber.

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