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What’s the actual process to run iMessage using iPadian?

First of all open and download exe file.
Install it in your computer and you will see the icon of the iPadian on your desktop.
Open it from the desktop and you’ll see iMessage app already there.
Open the app and login with the credential of your Apple ID/Email.
That’s it! Thank me later.

imessage windows

Run iMessage on PC without Jailbreak using Dell mobile connect

Dell Mobile Connect is Microsoft App which you can find in Microsoft store and its totally free. You can connect your android / iPhone device usint this app with your computer in just a few clicks. This is more of a notification receiving app. No doubt you can send message from it but it will be more useful to just receive notifications of your iMessage to your PC. So let’s see how to connect.

Also like the iPadian, this doesn’t require jailbreak. You can run your iMessage on PC Without Jailbreak through dell mobile connect so its another plus one point of this app.

imessage pc
 let’s look at the Dell Mobile Connect Downloading process

First of all Open Microsoft Store. Go to the search button from the task bar and type Microsoft Store.
🖊Step 1: There search for Dell Desktop Connect.
🖊Step 2: You can install it for free from there.
🖊Step 3: Now Open it after the installation.
Now you have to download Dell Mobile Dell Mobile connect iPhone app from the app store.

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Install the app and open it. Now let’s get back to our computer. When you Open the Dell Desktop Connect in your pc, You will see two option there.

1. Android

2. iPhone

Since our goal is to use iMessage in the PC we have to go for an iPhone option.

There’s a one problem in using dell mobile connect. You can not send group messages properly. When you try to send the group message it will be sent to single person sometimes. Other than that its a great app and offers lots of features other then Using iMessage on PC without Jailbreak.

These two methods are the only solution to our misery.

Since this article is about running iMessage in PC i will also show you how you can connect your Mac Computer to your windows computer and use the iMessage app. It makes no sense since you can use it in the mac.

I have both Mac and windows computer but i find windows more user friendly and functional and all of the software i bough is for Windows OS so i need to Run iMessage in my windows 10 PC.

imessage chrome extension

Use iMessage from Mac To Windows Via Chrome Extension

You Need Mac Computer / Macbook in this process.
You Can’t Use it in iMessage in windows 10 PC without Mac by this method.
Your Mac PC And Windows PC Have to be connected with same internet connection.
To use this method follow below given steps.

Now you can use the features of Mac from your windows PC. You can remove this extension form chrome anytime you want. Just go to the Chrome > Extensions > Remove Chrome Remote Desktop.

👉Is There any official iMessage App For Windows?

No There isn’t. Unfortunetly Apple haven’t made and official app to use iMessage for the windows PCs. Also Apple uses their own end to end encryption so no third-party developers can actually make the app of iMessage.

👉Is There any Chrome/Browser Extension Available to use iMessage for PC?

Big No. There’s not a single extension of iMessage avaible in Chrome store or in any browser. There are some fake useless extension with the name iMessage for PC avaible in the store. Take my advice and stay away from them.

👉How to Download iMessage For PC?

As i explained in first question, There isn’t any app available in the market just like facetime. But you can download iPadian and use iMessage in the PC using that Software.

👉Is it possible to get iMessage on PC?

There’s no official iMessage app for windows PC but you can get messages of iMessage by following the methods i described above. If you have any kind of query or question regarding any method i wrote here, you can directly ask us throgh contact us page of our blog.